Connecticut Coatings Contractor

EPA_LeadSafeCertFirm_TEMPLATEConnecticut Coatings specializes in fire retardant coatings, floor coatings, industrial coatings, lead neutralizing and encapsulation, painting, and thermal coatings. 

CT Coatings also provides all the accessory services such as power washing, weatherization, drywall repair and carpentry repair.  

Connecticut Coatings is a division of BIOS Building Technologies, a Connecticut Company, employing highly skilled Connecticut paint & coatings technicians. Connecticut Coatings is located in The BIOS Center


Create an employee owned company that adds beauty, durability & energy efficiency to the built environment in Connecticut.

GOOD, BETTER, BEST: You choose the level of quality and cost for your paint job. Regardless of what you spend for specialty  coatings Connecticut Coatings will always deliver world class customer service.  Do you need the ultimate in corrosion protection for your industrial building, durable floor coatings for your warehouse or automotive garage?  We are coatings experts and we can help you choose the product and preparation that will suit your needs.

BEAUTY, DURABILITY, SAFETY & ENERGY EFFICIENCY: CT Coatings can make you look good, stay comfortable year round, neutralize lead, and even provide fire protection.

RESIDENTIAL,COMMERCIAL,INDUSTRIAL, MUNICIPAL: Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings is dedicated to serving our Connecticut neighbors.

HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: CT Coatings strives to exceed your expectations! Shop around, then contact us a for a free estimate & color consultation.

MAXIMIZE YOUR PROPERTY VALUES: Owner Steve Schappert has been trusted by banks, property management companies, insurance companies and investors to spend the least amount and provide the greatest increase in value. Call Today & you’ll get more than a free estimate, you’ll get an education!

Exclusive Commercial Painter for the Realty Trust Connecticut Real estate Network

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